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How to Properly Brush Your Teeth

How to Properly Brush Your Teeth
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When it comes to how to properly brush your teeth, many adults make mistakes every time. However, without realizing flaws in your tooth brushing technique, you put yourself at risk for cavities and other oral health problems. Learn how to properly brush your teeth below, so you can enjoy a healthy, naturally attractive smile throughout your lifetime.

Specifically How to Properly Brush Your Teeth

In the quest for how to brush your teeth properly, start with remembering four key points. Through these, you care for your mouth, gums, and teeth in a manner promoting good oral health. In fact, the four important points include brushing twice daily for two minutes each time using fluoride toothpaste. You should also floss daily at bedtime, limit your daily snacking and visit your dentist twice yearly.

For a properly cleaned mouth, you must brush for at least two minutes. This is where most adults fail, not brushing for the full two minutes. Therefore, to test your brushing quality, try using a timer. While brushing, use gentle, short strokes. Furthermore, ensure you brush along your gum line, also properly reaching your back teeth and restorations like fillings and crowns.

For a well-brushed mouth, you need to clean the outer and inner surfaces of all of your teeth. Start with all of your upper teeth’s outer surfaces, then clean your inner surfaces. Repeat this process of outer then inner surfaces for your lower teeth. Finally, clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth, paying particular attention to your back molars.

For fresh breath and a clean mouth, it’s also important to brush your tongue.

Steps for Proper Tooth Brushing Technique

When you brush your teeth, ensure your toothbrush is at a 45-degree angle. Additionally, start along your gum line in a back and forth motion, repeating this for every tooth. Then move the brush to the inside surfaces of your teeth, using the same 45-degree angle and back and forth, up and down strokes. Finally, brush the tooth chewing surfaces.

Also for proper brushing, use the end bristles on the tip of your toothbrush to reach behind each tooth. Again, remember to use up and down, back and forth strokes. Your last step for proper tooth brushing is to brush your tongue to remove its bacteria that cause bad breath.

Proper Flossing Techniques

To properly floss your teeth using string dental floss, pull 18 to 24 inches of floss from the dispenser. Wrap the ends of this string floss around your middle and index fingers.

While holding the floss tightly, move it back and forth between your teeth. Do this in a push and pull motion, working the floss up and down against the sides of your teeth, one by one.