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young woman wonders is teeth whitening safe and weighs the difference between professional teeth whitening and safe teeth whitening

As we all strive for a whiter, brighter and more youthful smile, one cannot help but wonder, “Is teeth whitening safe?” This question plagues many people as they look for the best teeth whitening methods. Everyone wants an attractive appearance, but no one wants to damage their teeth or cause themselves any pain in the process. While your best option is always professional teeth whitening in Pasadena Texas, there are other options out there.

Your options for teeth whitening today include:

  • Professional teeth whitening in your dentist’s office
  • Safe teeth whitening using at-home kits provided by your dentist
  • Whitening pens, strips or trays
  • Teeth whitening in other places, like a salon

In the list of whitening options above, the safest choices obviously include the first two, those of professional teeth whitening. Your dentist understands these products and how they can affect your teeth and gums. This professional also knows your individual oral health and any unique problems you could face from using chemicals in your mouth. The last option of whitening your teeth is in non-dental offices like hair or tanning salons. This isn’t as smart as going to your dentist for safe teeth whitening.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Your Gums?

When you choose professional teeth whitening in your dentist’s office, you do not need to worry about, “Is teeth whitening safe for my gums?” Cosmetic dentistry or any other type of service focuses on protecting your mouth and all of its parts. This is why you have greater peace of mind in getting the safe teeth whitening done there, versus in other places. Your dentist also has access to the most up-to-date technology that provides faster and more dramatic results.

Gums suffer from bleach in teeth whitening. If this bleach touches your gums, you can suffer irritation or other problems. This heals quicker but still causes discomfort. So your dentist protects your gums and uses great care in applying bleaching substances.

When your dentist prescribes an at-home whitening kit for you, this system includes a mouth guard style tray. The trays keep the whitening gel where it needs to be and away from delicate gum tissues. But if you buy over-the-counter pens or strips, you risk exposing your gums to irritating chemicals.

What About Safety for Your Teeth?

Another question common to people asking about whitening is, “Is teeth whitening safe for my teeth?” Tooth sensitivity can cause daily problems, particularly when it comes to exposure to hot or cold foods, drinks or even air. If you suffer worn enamel, decay, broken fillings or other dental damage, you can experience discomfort during the whitening process and after. But professional teeth whitening doesn’t cause long-term damage to teeth in most cases.

Pasadena Teeth Whitening and Other Dental Services

Teeth whitening is not the only dental service you need. You also need quality dental care twice yearly, to prevent cavities and other problems. By going to see your dentist every six months, you also receive professional teeth cleanings that help you keep your smile bright and healthy-looking.

Dental services Pasadena TX residents need for their best smile include:

Your Pasadena dentist for the highest quality of dental care is Dr. Lloyd Laughlin at Laughlin Dental. Contact Laughlin Dental now at 281-998-4916 to schedule your first visit and ask the dentist, “Is teeth whitening safe for my smile?”