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What are Lumineers exactly?

Today’s dental care landscape offers many modern options for treating and designing your best smile. In fact, you can enjoy your best smile using advancements in cosmetic dentistry and general dental care. One such option is Lumineers. Therefore, what are Lumineers and will they benefit you?

Exactly What Are Lumineers?

Have you heard of Lumineers in the recent past? Moreover, you may wonder what they will do for your smile.

Lumineers veneers use patented porcelain not available through other types or brands of veneers. This porcelain, called Cerinate®, makes Lumineers extremely wafer-thin. Therefore, you don’t suffer damage to your tooth structure when the dentist applies them, unlike other veneers.

In fact, Lumineers permanently apply to your teeth. With standard porcelain veneers, the dentist must etch your tooth’s natural surface and remove some of each tooth. This makes room for the veneers to fit properly without thickening your teeth. However, with Lumineers, you do not go through this process.

Why Do People Choose Lumineers?

One of the biggest Lumineers benefits is the comfort factor of not removing your tooth surface. This means you can make the decision later in life to have your veneers removed. Furthermore, you don’t have that option with other types of dental veneers. Of course, most people get Lumineers to cover unsightly damage to teeth, so removal rarely happens for this reason.

Despite Lumineers’ thin material, the brand of veneers remains just as strong and durable as other veneer options for your teeth. You do not have to worry about your Lumineers for upwards of 20 years or longer. In addition, you gain a beautifully straight, white smile for several decades.

The placement of Lumineers is virtually pain-free. It’s an easy process that takes place in two visits to the dentist, for most patients. At the end of your second visit, you have the brilliant smile you deserve. For your best dental health, visit a Lumineers dentist who also provides other dental services, including:

Lumineers cover imperfections on front teeth and dramatically improve your smile. Even if you suffer badly discolored or stained teeth, you can have the straight pearly whites you want.

Quality Dental Care in Houston Area

For your teeth and your family’s healthiest smiles, visit Laughlin Dental in Pasadena, Texas. Dr. Lloyd Laughlin provides consultation about Lumineers after examining your teeth and discussing your smile goals with you. At Laughlin Dental, you benefit from the convenience of a wide range of dentistry services at one location.

To learn what are Lumineers and their benefits, call Laughlin Dental at 281-998-4916 for a consultation.