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Endodontist Services in Pasadena, TX

An endodontist is a dentist specializing in procedures involving your teeth’s soft inner tissues. You need these services when you undergo root canal therapy, for example. For such treatment, you visit your dentist at Laughlin Dental in Pasadena.

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What Are Endodontic Services?

Before your root canal, your dentist uses a visual exam and x-ray imaging to examine your tooth’s decay and evaluate the need for this important, tooth-saving procedure. Your root canal usually requires a second dental visit after diagnosis, to allow time and preparation for the treatment.

When you return to Laughlin Dental for your second visit, the endodontist and dental hygienist work together to prepare you for your root canal. You receive a local anesthetic to numb the area for treatment. But, don’t fear the procedure’s “pain,” as a root canal causes no more pain than a typical filling.

The hygienist places a latex or non-latex dam around your tooth to isolate it during treatment. This also keeps the area clean and dry. Most of the rest of the root canal steps take place in one visit to the endodontist, but some procedures require more than one appointment.

The typical procedure performed by your endodontist as a root canal is not surgical. But this method of saving a decaying tooth offers a 90 percent success rate. You sometimes have other options to a root canal, particularly if the procedure is unsuccessful.

Your Endodontist Performs Other Important Procedures, Too

Besides root canals, you sometimes need other endodontist services. These include diagnosing pain, treating pain, treating traumatic injuries and retreatment for unsuccessful root canals.

To diagnose and treat pain, this specialized dentist uses advanced knowledge, skill, and training to help you feel better. You possibly suffered cracks or fractures in your teeth, if not decay, that causes your oral pain. Your mouth hosts a vast nerve network, making pinpointing the source of your painless straightforward than you think. One tooth’s pain often manifests in another tooth, your jaw, head, ear or neck.

Besides treating your pain after diagnosing its source, your endodontic dentist helps you recover from traumatic injury to your mouth. These injuries frequently cause pulp damage, stop root growth in children’s teeth or knock teeth out of their sockets.

Using their skill and important procedures, your dentist helps save your teeth. This amazing treatment even helps teeth reattach after trauma knocks them out of their sockets.

Of course, all specialized dental treatment requires special care and, in many cases, multiple visits. Even after your endodontist services, you need to follow up with your dentist as recommended. This means going to the dentist at least once every six to 12 months. Your dentist watches your tooth’s healing after issues like abscesses, root canal, or injury.

When one procedure does not work as desired, you sometimes must see the endodontist for follow-up treatment. Problems include your tooth’s failure to heal as it should, pain continuing after your root canal, or a recurrence of disease in the future.

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Specialized Dental Care in Pasadena, Texas

People from all over Pasadena, Deer Park, Pearland and Houston trust Dr. Lloyd Laughlin at Laughlin Dental for their endodontist services. Laughlin Dental provides an array of dental services, including:

When you feel any oral pain or suspect you need a root canal, your endodontist provides the dental care and treatment you need to maintain your healthy smile. Call Laughlin Dental now at 281-998-4916 to schedule your visit.

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