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About Our General Dentistry Services in Pasadena, TX

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What to Expect from Your First Visit to Laughlin Dental

During your first visit with Laughlin Dental, you’ll undergo a comprehensive exam. We also develop your chart during this visit to track all of your appointments, oral health needs, and treatment progress. The first exam also includes a visual examination of your teeth and oral structures. You receive periodontal probing, teeth cleaning, oral cancer screening, dental digital X-rays, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations.

General Dentistry Services for You and Your Family

Whether you seek routine general dentistry care or advanced cosmetic dentistry, the caring professionals of Laughlin Dental are able and pleased to provide these services for you. We enjoy treating entire families and provide the convenience of meeting the needs of every member under one roof.

A proud graduate of both Texas A&M University and Baylor College of Dentistry, Dr. Lloyd Laughlin has served southeast Houston area patients since 1996. You can rely on Dr. Laughlin’s expert care in his dedication to providing the best possible dentistry to all of his patients. As evidence of his ongoing commitment to the highest quality of care, he maintains his membership in the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, International Association for Orthodontics, Academy of General Dentistry, American Association for Functional Orthodontics and Functional Freedom Corporation.

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