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Cavity Filling in Pasadena, TX

When you experience tooth decay, a cavity filling in Pasadena TX restores the tooth and prevents further damage. It helps your tooth stay strong enough for normal functioning and prevents further decay. However, how is this filling done and what do you need to know about the process?

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What is a Cavity Filling in Pasadena, TX?

A cavity filling in Pasadena TX restores a tooth after tooth decay. Moreover, your dentist provides this quick repair after removing the decay and cleaning the remaining tooth material. The space this creates is the cavity where the dentist places a filling.

Removing decay, cleaning the cavity, and closing it keeps bacteria from entering the decaying space and causing more damage. Additionally, you choose the filling material that works best for you, such as composite resin or the silver amalgam metal. If you choose composite resin, only you and the dentist know which tooth was filled. When you smile, talk, eat or laugh, composite material helps your tooth appear natural and whole.

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About the Cavity Filling Process

At Laughlin Dental in Pasadena, your dentist examines your tooth before making the decision to fill a cavity. Furthermore, the process begins when he removes the decaying tooth material and cleans the area of that decay. Then he places the chosen filling material over that space.

Only your Laughlin Dental dentist knows whether you need a cavity filling. The exam process sometimes involves dental X-rays to provide a clear picture of the damage. Therefore, if you need a root canal, you return for another visit to undergo that procedure before a filling.

Finding the Best Filling for Your Cavity Repair

Having a choice of filling materials makes sense, as no one filling type works well for all people or all tooth restoration. In fact, the material best suited for your decayed tooth depends on multiple factors. These include the extent of your decay damage, allergies, location of the tooth, and budget.

Besides silver amalgam and composite material, gold fillings also repair decaying teeth. Specifically, a dental lab makes a gold filling for the dentist, who cements the filling into place. These types of fillings last over 20 years in most cases. However, whether you choose this type, silver amalgam, or the more natural looking composite is a decision you make with your dentist.

Another option beyond composite, silver amalgam, and gold is a porcelain filling. These fillings, called inlays or onlays, match your natural tooth color like composite resin fillings. Specifically, a dental lab crafts these for your specific tooth. The dentist places the restoration, then bonds it into place.

Sometimes tooth decay or a break in your tooth causes too much damage for a filling. Your option then is a tooth crown, sometimes called a cap. Dental crowns fit over your whole tooth and gives it a complete, natural appearance. At the same time, the crown gives your tooth strength for normal daily wear and tear.

Cavity Filling in Pasadena TX at Laughlin Dental

When you visit Laughlin Dental, Dr. Lloyd Laughlin and his caring team work hard to help you maintain your best smile and bite. Goals for your dental care include healthy teeth and gums, but also an attractive appearance. To reach these goals, Laughlin Dental provides clients from all over Houston, Deer Park, Pearland, and Pasadena with the highest quality of dentistry.

For example, dental services of Laughlin Dental include:

For your most attractive smile and healthiest teeth and gums, call Laughlin Dental at 281-998-4916 for a consultation.

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