Rotting teeth cause pain and embarrassment, mainly if the problem tooth is visible when you smile. But getting the treatment you need is easier than you think. You simply visit your Laughlin Dental dentist for an oral exam and to learn your options for restorative dentistry. But delaying rotting teeth treatment causes bigger problems than you face right now.

Why You Suffer Rotting Teeth

individual in need of rotting teeth treatmentRotting teeth are badly decayed teeth. This usually happens when you maintain a diet of sugary or starchy foods and do not get the regular oral health care you need. Not brushing your teeth as you should twice daily also leads to these severe cavities.

Once your enamel breaks down and a cavity begins, bacteria and plaque attack the inner parts of your tooth. These parts include the soft dentin and pulp in the tooth’s center. When this condition reaches its final stages, your rotting teeth cause pain and infection that moves from the pulp into your gums.

Signs of Rotting Teeth

Signs of rotting teeth include tooth pain, sensitivity or pain when chewing or biting down on hot, cold or sweet foods. You possibly see holes in your teeth as the cavity grows. These holes appear white, black or brown.

A severe case of tooth decay interferes with daily life, causing swelling, pus and such intense pain you cannot eat. This, in turn, causes weight loss and nutritional problems. Your infected, decaying teeth can even fall out or break.

Rotting Teeth Treatment to Help Decaying Teeth

Rotting teeth treatment starts with a visit to your dentist. If the decay has not spread to your tooth’s pulp, the dentist can clean and fill the cavity. But when a cavity affects your pulp, you need root canal therapy.

If your cavity is large and weakens your tooth, the dentist often chooses to place a crown as rotting teeth treatment. This crown gives your tooth greater strength and durability while restoring its natural looking, healthy appearance.

When your tooth suffers extreme decay, you possibly need extraction as rotting teeth treatment. This extraction involves removing your tooth for possible replacement by an implant or dental bridge. Before extracting your tooth, the dentist discusses your options for replacement with you. He provides insight into the pros and cons of each method, so you know which tooth replacement method best suits your needs.

Your best alternative to rotting teeth treatment is tooth decay prevention. Prevent your teeth from suffering any damage or decay by maintaining a good, twice daily oral hygiene routine at home. You also need to visit your dentist at Laughlin Dental twice yearly. Through six month checkups, your dentist performs an oral exam and cleans your teeth for their best health and resilience against bacteria.

Never underestimate your immediate need for rotting teeth treatment. These problems only grow worse over time and lead to even bigger health risks, such as sepsis. Sepsis is blood infection from your decayed tooth. This infection quickly spreads throughout your body, sometimes leading to organ failure, amputation or even death.

Tooth Decay Prevention in Pasadena, Texas

Your tooth decay prevention and treatment take place in Pasadena, Texas at Laughlin Dental. Other dental services Pasadena TX provided by Dr. Lloyd Laughlin and his caring team include:

Do not risk the permanent damage of rotting teeth. See your dentist at Laughlin Dental twice a year and when you suffer oral health problems. Contact Laughlin Dental now at 281.864.0996 to schedule your visit.