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Tooth Replacement Services Pasadena, TX Trusts

When you need tooth replacement services, you should not trust your smile to just any dentist. In fact, you need one providing tooth replacement services Pasadena, TX trusts. At Laughlin Dental, you gain the complete, natural looking smile you want in only a few dental visits.

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Benefits of Tooth Replacement Services Pasadena, TX Trusts

When you need to replace one or more teeth, knowing many people throughout your region trust your dentist is important. By receiving tooth replacement services Pasadena, TX trusts, you gain the confidence of knowing your dentist cares about your smile. This caring professionalism holds tried and true, having satisfied many people before you.

Also, having a dentist invested in the local community means you enjoy consistency in your treatment. Specifically, you gain a dentist you likely see for the rest of your lifetime. This means the dentist is fully invested in providing the best service, treatments, cosmetic procedures, and general dentistry.

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Tooth Replacement Options in Pasadena

Dr. Lloyd Laughlin and his team of caring staff and professionals provide multiple options for your tooth replacement. These options include dental bridges and dental implants. Therefore, what are bridges and implants and which is best for your individual needs?

Obviously the dentist must examine your teeth and learn more about your lifestyle, medical history, and personal needs before helping you decide on your tooth replacement choice. However, through a consultation visit, Dr. Laughlin understands your needs and examines your teeth to discuss your choices. Among these choices are dental bridges and implants.

More About Bridges and Implants

Dental bridges literally “bridge the gap” where you are missing one or more teeth. A bridge usually consists of wire framework with one or more false teeth to match your natural, healthy teeth. This bridge fits onto one or more teeth providing support for your tooth replacement.

However, dental implants work differently in your mouth than bridges. A dental implant is permanent tooth replacement, versus the dental bridge’s shorter lifespan. Your bridge likely needs replacement after five to 15 years.

You must also be careful in how you care for your bridge and the supporting teeth, to ensure you don’t experience additional dental problems or a broken device.

A dental implant involves placement of a titanium post or screw into your jaw bone. Furthermore, this surgical procedure takes place in one appointment after you heal from your tooth extraction or bone graft. The post first supports a temporary crown as a replacement tooth, followed by a permanent crown after the implant area heals.

Having a dental implant frees you from the struggles of dealing with a dental bridge or partial dentures. In fact, the implantation is permanent, and you only need the one procedure for lifetime tooth replacement. Caring for an implant is also easier, since you continue brushing and flossing the implant as you do your natural teeth.

Becoming a Patient of Laughlin Dental in Pasadena, TX

So many people in Pasadena, Deer Park, Pearland, and Houston trust Laughlin Dental because Dr. Laughlin cares about his patients. Moreover, everyone at Laughlin Dental wants you to continue smiling your biggest, brightest and most naturally attractive smiles for many years to come.

For example, services by Laughlin Dental include:

Having your most attractive smile starts with a consultation visit to Laughlin Dental in Pasadena. Call 281-998-4916 now to talk to the friendly staff about your needs and to schedule your first appointment. Soon, you will understand why Laughlin Dental maintains a reputation for tooth replacement services Pasadena, TX trusts.

A Better Smile Awaits