Tooth Sealants in Pasadena, TX

About Tooth Sealants

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Do I Need Tooth Sealants?

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How Does the Dentist Apply Your Tooth Sealant?

Before applying your sealant, the dentist or hygienist thoroughly cleans your teeth with a paste. They use a rotating brush much like an electric toothbrush.

After rinsing and drying your teeth, the dentist applies an acidic solution onto your molar or pre-molar tooth chewing surface. After a few seconds, this solution flushes away as well. But in the few seconds, the acidic substance is on your tooth, it makes the surface of the tooth rough so the sealant will attach.

Your dentist dries your tooth again, then places your sealant on the tooth’s chewing surface. Using a special light, the dentist hardens the plastic. Or, the dentist uses a special sealant that does not require hardening. After hardening, the surface of your tooth feels like natural tooth enamel.

Even with sealant, your dentist sometimes chooses to apply fluoride, as well. Fluoride differs from sealants, as this decay prevention substance reaches all parts of your teeth, protecting more than just back teeth chewing surfaces.

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