Your third molars start coming in and you wonder, “What are the benefits of wisdom teeth removal?” Do you need to have these teeth extracted?

At Laughlin Dental, your family dentist helps you understand procedures like wisdom teeth removal before you undergo treatments. Therefore, you will have a clear understanding of the process. You also get to know the pros and cons of removing your wisdom teeth.

Why Do Most Dentists Recommend Wisdom Teeth Removal?benefits of wisdom teeth removal

Dentists usually recommend removal of third molars, or wisdom teeth. When they grow into the mouth, these teeth often contribute to oral health problems. Moreover, they increase your risk for periodontal disease. They also contribute to tooth decay and abscesses.

Your dentist sees your wisdom teeth on a digital X-ray or other imaging studies. These images tell him when your wisdom teeth need to come out. When your wisdom teeth start moving into place or erupting, Dr. Lloyd Laughlin lets you know it’s time to discuss your options.

Wisdom teeth removal takes place in Laughlin Dental’s modern office. Laughlin Dental professionals use the latest technology and methods to ensure you stay comfortable during the procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Cause Dental Health Problems

Dentists usually recommend removal of wisdom teeth because they often cause dental health problems. For example, your third molars put you at risk for problems that include:

  • Infections
  • Gum disease
  • Cysts, tumors and other pathologies
  • Cavities requiring extraction
  • Damage to neighboring teeth
  • Bite or tooth alignment problems

The Decision to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Some people let their wisdom teeth grow in, without removal. In fact, this rarely happens without problems. Discuss your wisdom teeth with your dentist to understand your own dental health risks. Furthermore, goals of wisdom teeth extraction include keeping your mouth healthy, painless, and cavity free.

Most dentists remove wisdom teeth in adolescent or teenage patients. In young people, this removal risks less chance of damaging nerves or other structures. Lower risk exists in young people because the roots have yet to completely form and bone remains somewhat soft. However, taking your wisdom teeth out at a later age can cause nerve damage.

If you discuss your options with your dentist and decide to keep your third molars, you need to ensure you take good care of your teeth. Therefore, you must clean and floss all teeth well, particularly the molars. You also need to undergo regular dental exams so the dentist can check the health of your third molars and other teeth.

Annual dental X-rays also become important when you keep your wisdom teeth. The dentist must keep watch over your teeth and gum tissues, to ensure they do not change.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Other Services of Laughlin Dental

Laughlin Dental in Pasadena, Texas, works with you to ensure you maintain healthy teeth and gums. In addition, whether your third molars start coming in or you need routine dental care, we’ll provide the best possible care. Additionally, dental services of Laughlin Dental include:

If you face concerns about your wisdom teeth removal or your family’s dental care, talk to Dr. Lloyd Laughlin and the caring staff at Laughlin Dental Care. Here, you find the compassionate and friendly dentistry right for your entire family.

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