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How Orthodontic Braces Help Oral Health

Hearing you need orthodontic braces should not scare you. In fact, these devices fulfill many oral health needs, with straightening your teeth being only the beginning. Follow your dentist’s advice for your best oral health and long-term dental wellness. Through the right treatment and care, you enjoy a healthy, strong, and well-aligned smile for many years.

Obviously, straightening your teeth gives you a better smile and positions your teeth for your best bite. Specifically, you may choose traditional metal brackets or modern clear aligner trays. Dentists offer a multitude of options for improving your teeth, smile, and oral functioning. However, talk to your dentist and learn more about your own choices.

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A Healthy, Straight Smile for a Healthier, Happier You

Having crooked teeth and related problems puts a heavy load on your life. You don’t realize the full extent of this weight until you enjoy aligned teeth and a stronger bite. Straight teeth relieve a lot of pressure on your oral structure and give you better overall oral health. If your dentist recommends straightening your teeth, consider the available options.

Improve your oral health and take advantage of the most modern teeth straightening and cosmetic improvement options. Simply having your teeth straightened can mean a lifetime of stronger teeth and healthier gums.

What Are the Benefits of Orthodontics?

Confidence Through Orthodontic Braces

Brushing and flossing twice each day provides good oral hygiene. You know this, as you have since early childhood. However, do you think your teeth benefit as much as possible from your efforts?

Better Results from Brushing and Flossing

Crooked teeth overlap or crowd each other, causing plaque to build up between your teeth. Moreover, brushing and flossing often does little to help this situation. Straightening your teeth helps you enjoy cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and less tooth decay.

More Comfortable Checkups

Root canals, fillings, and other procedures cause pain. These treatments also inflict pain on your wallet. Having straighter teeth means easier cleaning, less tooth decay, and fewer teeth lost. This means, in turn, easier dental visits with less pain and expense.

A Better Bite

A misaligned jaw causes bite and jaw problems. This common problem leads to uncomfortable eating and talking. In fact, your speech even suffers. Having your teeth straightened means improved speech, a properly aligned bite, and more comfortable eating.

Greater Self-Confidence

Eating and speech problems from crooked teeth leads to social anxiety. Having well-aligned teeth provides you with the self-confidence to get out, socialize, and enjoy your life more. Furthermore, straightening your teeth improves the shape of your face and gives you the self-confidence you need for living your best life.

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder causes many people jaw pain. This causes popping or clicking when you chew, talk, or move your mouth. However, straight teeth improve this condition for many people.

Your Pasadena Cosmetic and Family Dentists

In Pasadena, Texas, Laughlin Dental provides the family and cosmetic dental care you need for your most attractive and strongest smile. Dental services of Laughlin Dental include:

If you live in Houston, Pasadena, Deer Park, or Pearland, Laughlin Dental provides convenient and local dentistry for your whole family. Call Laughlin Dental for a consultation about orthodontic braces and other services at 281-998-4916.

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