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Receding Gums Treatment in Pasadena, TX

Do you know if you need receding gums treatment in Pasadena, TX? In fact, this gum problem affects many people just like you. However, what causes receding gums and where do you receive the treatment you need?

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Gum Disease Plays a Role in Receding Gums

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, commonly affects adults and children, for a number of reasons. However, prevention of this disease is possible, with the right oral health care. Daily brushing and flossing play a major role in keeping your entire mouth healthy. With healthy gums, you experience lower risk for receding gums and other problems.

Gum disease involves gum line inflammation. This sometimes also progresses to the bones that hold your teeth in place. The disease starts with gingivitis, then proceeds to periodontitis and advanced periodontitis as the condition worsens. For example, signs and symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Red, swollen, bleeding or tender gums
  • Gums moving away from teeth
  • Bad breath or bad taste in your mouth
  • Loose teeth
  • Pus around your teeth and gums

If gum disease occurs in your mouth, your dentist helps you understand how to improve your condition through receding gums treatment in Pasadena TX. With this help, your gums remain in place and you risk fewer problems.

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What Causes Receding Gums?

Gums recede for several reasons. This condition occurs when your gum tissues pull back and lower position on your tooth. Moreover, it exposes the roots of your teeth.

Receding gums look scary and sometimes feel painful. However, you and your dentist can treat the problem, even through changes in your daily oral health routine. When found early, receding gums often improve by following your dentist’s instructions. You simply need to visit your dentist for receding gums treatment in Pasadena TX.

Maybe you recognize your receding gum issue as one of the common causes of this dental problem. These causes include aggressive tooth brushing and flossing, such as not using a soft toothbrush. Furthermore, your parents’ genetic traits for gum disease may cause your own gum problems. Teeth grinding also affects your gum health.

Sometimes teeth become misaligned. When this happens, gums often suffer. In addition, injury or gum tissue trauma causes gum recession for some people. Poor oral health care, just like aggressive brushing, also causes receding gums.

Best Receding Gums Treatment in Pasadena, TX

Early detection of your receding gums makes treatment easier. Your dentist recommends ways to help solve your problem through changes in home tooth brushing and flossing. For example, you may benefit from a mouth guard, softer toothbrush, or other changes.

If you need professional treatment from your Pasadena dentist, Laughlin Dental advises you of those needs. Sometimes, gum surgery provides the best treatment and outlook for receding gums. Therefore, a gum graft replaces and extends your gum tissues to healthier, more protective positioning.

Of course, the best treatment for receding gums is prevention of the problem in the first place. You must take good care of your teeth and gums for overall wellness. Additionally, infections and other problems in your mouth affect your entire body. Remember to be gentle, yet thorough when brushing your teeth. Also visit the dentist regularly, particularly if you sense a problem or changes in your oral health.

Healthy Gums and Teeth With the Help of Laughlin Dental in Pasadena, TX

Laughlin Dental in Pasadena TX stands committed to helping families like yours boast big, beautiful smiles with healthy teeth and gums. Dr. Lloyd Laughlin, Laughlin Dental hygienists, and the caring office staff all work together to meet your dental needs. Moreover, dental services of Laughlin Dental include:

Visit Laughlin Dental for your next routine dental exam. Call Laughlin Dental now at 281-998-4916 to learn more about receding gums treatment in Pasadena, TX.

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