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Learn the Benefits of IV Sleep Sedation

Sitting in the dentist’s chair, even for a routine checkup, is nerve-wracking for most of us. Yet others feel almost panicked as they come in for their next appointment. Although the team at Laughlin Dental is always compassionate, there are still patients who just don’t feel comfortable. If you’re one of these patients, don’t fret. Our team now offers IV sleep sedation to patients with extra anxiety about going to the dentist. Using this method of relaxation, you won’t feel anything during your procedure, nor will you remember it afterward. Learn more about why you should consider IV sleep sedation for your next visit to our Pasadena, TX office.

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IV Sleep Sedation Explained

You’ve likely heard talk of sedation dentistry. Generally speaking, this is an umbrella term referred to several different methods of helping patients relax while visiting the dentist. In most cases, patients are awake during their procedure but remain relaxed under the influence of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or another medication. However, Laughlin Dental is happy to provide a sedation method that allows you to sleep through your procedure. Administered with an IV, this medication causes you to remain fast asleep and unable to feel any pain while our team works.

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Be Aware of the Risks of IV Sleep Sedation

Before administering any kind of anesthesia, the team at Laughlin Dental makes sure sedation is safe for you. While there’s always risk involved, our experienced dentists work to minimize the chances of anything going wrong. Please be upfront with our team about preexisting health conditions that may make IV sedation unfeasible for you. Those who have sleep apnea or who are obese should not attempt sedation dentistry. Let your dentist know of any current medications you are taking, as these could cause complications when mixed with the sedation medications.

Decide If IV Sleep Sedation Is Best for You

Despite the risks, IV sleep sedation is an excellent choice for many of our Pasadena, TX patients. Those who deal with extreme panic or anxiety associated with the dentist may benefit from sedation, as will those with a strong gag reflex. Other patients choose IV sleep sedation because they’re bothered by the sounds, smells, or sights of a dentist’s office. The team at Laughlin Dental may recommend sedation if you need extensive dental work that has the potential to be painful. Whatever the case for you, we’d love to help you explore your options for sedation dentistry.

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