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Dental Insurance Coverage and Financial Options

Laughlin Dental in Pasadena, Texas accepts new patients through appointments and consultations. In fact, the Laughlin Dental team wants to help you have the smile of your dreams and the strong bite you need for healthy living. Dental insurance and other financial options exist to make your treatment affordable and convenient.

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People of All Ages Need Proper Dental Care

You should never ignore your need for quality dental care. Moreover, this care starts in your own home, where you brush your teeth, floss, and use an oral rinse. However, routine dental checkups and cleanings also play a big role in your dental health. You need to visit your dentist one to two times each year.

In partnership with your Laughlin Dental professionals, ensure your best dental health by using a toothbrush with soft or medium bristles. Use fluoride toothpaste and dental floss every day, while avoiding sweets and between-meal snacks.

Your First Appointment at Laughlin Dental

For your first appointment at Laughlin Dental, your visit runs smoothly when you prepare in advance. Complete your new patient information forms by downloading them from our website. This saves you time in the office and ensures your appointment starts on time.

Provide your insurance information at least a few days before your appointment. This enables the dental office staff to coordinate your coverage with the dental insurance carrier. Furthermore, bring your insurance card to your appointment.

Contact your former dental office several weeks before your appointment, to ensure they transfer your records. Many dental offices require you to make this request in writing.

Your Laughlin Dental team works hard to keep appointments on time. Therefore, by arriving a few minutes before your appointment time, you help us keep this timely schedule.

When the hygienist seats you in the exam chair, your dental checkup begins. This includes a thorough exam of your teeth and gums. Moreover, you may need X-rays and teeth cleaning.

The dentist and dental hygienist perform other first visit tasks, such as documenting your existing restorations and missing teeth. After reviewing your X-rays, your dentist discusses treatments you need and develops a treatment plan. If you have questions, ask those to ensure you have the information you need.

Dental Insurance Coverage and Financial Options

Dental insurance helps you afford your dental care. Laughlin Dental accepts most PPO insurance plans and files your claims for you. Before your visit, feel free to call the office for benefit verification and cost estimation.

Whether or not you have PPO insurance for your dental care, you have other options for affording your dental care. These options include cash, checks, and credit cards to pay for dental services or your insurance copay.

Convenient payment options also include dental financing. In fact, CareCredit provides dental financing accepted by Laughlin Dental. Under CareCredit, applicants pay monthly installments on dental services not covered by insurance. For qualified applicants, this financing includes zero percent interest and low monthly payments, even for cosmetic dentistry your insurance doesn’t cover.

You can easily and quickly apply for CareCredit, gaining a credit decision in minutes. Even better, your CareCredit works for other services. These services include LASIK, veterinary care, hearing aids, cosmetic procedures, and other types of healthcare.

With all of these options for dental care financing at Laughlin Dental, getting the dental treatments you need is affordable. Contact Laughlin Dental now at 281-998-4916 to schedule an appointment.

A Better Smile Awaits