Oral Surgery in Pasadena, TX

Why You Need Oral Surgery

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The Need for Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery Services

A root canal is another highly common oral surgery. A root canal removes infected tissue from inside your tooth. The dentist sanitizes the remaining tooth and applies a filling in the resulting canal space. If your tooth suffers infection, this method saves the tooth and prevents the infection from spreading or growing worse.

Your dentist refers you to a specialist if you need jaw surgery. This type of oral surgery services fixes many jaw problems, such as unequal jaw growth. Injuries and diseases are other jaw problems treated through surgery. After your jaw heals, you regain full use for eating, drinking, swallowing, breathing and talking.

Sometimes during oral cancer screening, your dentist finds a suspicious spot or lesion. When this happens, he removes some of the oral tissue for a biopsy. Biopsies are oral surgery services that provide tissue samples to a lab. There, the lab tests the sample to understand if it shows signs of cancer.

Family Dental Care and Services

Your dentist in Pasadena, TX provides the dental services you need for healthy teeth and gums. Some services involve oral surgeries through a specialist, whereas others take place in the dentist’s office. Services you can count on from Laughlin Dental include:

Your dentist at Laughlin Dental works hard with you to help you avoid needing surgery. Focus on preventing your need for oral surgery through your best routine oral health care and hygiene. Start that best oral health by scheduling your next visit with Laughlin Dental now at (281) 801-6818.

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