Chipped Tooth Repair in Pasadena, TX

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Benefits of Bonding For Repair

Bonding works well for small, easily repairable chips. Specifically, a composite material molds over your tooth’s healthy parts. It forms the shape of your missing tooth material at the chip.

Your dentist starts the bonding process by roughening the surface of your remaining tooth enamel. Next, he then applies the composite material to create an extension where your tooth once existed. In fact, this material can last 10 years, making it perfect for minor chips.

Veneers for Your Repair

Veneers work well when the crack in your tooth is minor or mostly cosmetic. Additionally, this porcelain cover fits onto the front of your tooth to produce a natural-looking result. The veneer acts as a tooth material replacement and can last from 10 to 20 years with good at-home care.

Crowns to Fix a Chip

Crowns also cover your teeth like veneers. However, a crown covers your entire tooth, not just the front. Crowns also add strength and durability for a tooth that lost a large amount of its natural material. Therefore, your dentist installs a crown quickly and easily, preventing more damage.

Dental Implants

If you lost too much of your tooth to save it, your dentist removes remaining natural tooth material and prepares the site for an implant. However, dental implants require multiple dental visits for installation after a cracked tooth. After removing the remaining tooth material, your tooth space takes time to heal. At your next visit, the dentist installs a metal post in your gum line where the tooth once stood. At another dental visit, your dentist places your new permanent implant on this metal post. The end result with an implant is a lifelong solution. In fact, it looks and feels natural. This process takes more time than others, but how an implant looks makes it worth the wait.

Family Dental Care and Services

Your dentist in Pasadena, TX provides the dental services you need for healthy teeth and gums. Some services involve oral surgeries through a specialist, whereas others take place in the dentist’s office. Services you can count on from Laughlin Dental include:

Your dentist at Laughlin Dental works hard with you to help you avoid needing surgery. Focus on preventing your need for oral surgery through your best routine oral health care and hygiene. Start that best oral health by scheduling your next visit with Laughlin Dental now at (281) 801-6818.

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