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Dental Crown Procedure: A Step-by-Step Guide

At Laughlin Dental, we understand each tooth has its own shape, and we make sure that every crown fits right and looks great. We want you to understand the procedure before your decision. Lastly, it’s important to remember that a dental crown likely involves two trips to the dentist office.

Here is the step-by-step guide to a dental crown procedure:

Step 1

Find the precise color of your tooth, using a color chart. The first step ensures your crown will look natural alongside your other teeth.

Step 2

Shape the tooth to allow space for the crown. We remove cavities if we find any, and pour a permanent core material to fill the cavity space or the space left by root canal therapy. The tooth is numbed for this procedure.

Step 3

We take a precise 3D digital scan of your tooth. This step gives us the exact shape and size of your tooth, so we can make sure your new crown fits perfectly.

Step 4

Your dentist uses our in-office CEREC system to create your crown in a few hours, rather than a few weeks. This saves you time and money.

Step 5

Once the crown is ready, we will try it in to ensure a natural look and fit for your restoration.

Step 6

Your dentist checks your bite to make sure you have a natural jaw movement. Next, we cement the crown in place permanently.

Step 7

Meet with your dentist to go over what to eat and what to avoid eating, as well as instructions for dental hygiene.

Step 8

Schedule checkups for routine teeth cleanings to make sure the dental crowns receive proper care and attention.

Dental Crowns in Pasadena

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Family Dental Care and Services

Your dentist in Pasadena, TX provides the dental services you need for healthy teeth and gums. Some services involve oral surgeries through a specialist, whereas others take place in the dentist’s office. Services you can count on from Laughlin Dental include:

Your dentist at Laughlin Dental works hard with you to help you avoid needing surgery. Focus on preventing your need for oral surgery through your best routine oral health care and hygiene. Start that best oral health by scheduling your next visit with Laughlin Dental now at (281) 801-6818.

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