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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns help treat broken teeth and excessive tooth decay. Typically, we place a crown when a person undergoes root canal treatment. Your dental crowns will restore your tooth to its normal appearance and shape. A crown will also strengthen the tooth and support surrounding teeth. Of course, dental crowns also enable you to chew properly, so you want them to fit correctly.

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Dental Consultation

As your first step, schedule a cleaning and consultation. We may recommend x-rays. You might find that you need a different procedure. For example, applying Lumineers could restore appearance, if that is the primary problem. Think of Lumineers as permanent dental glue for crowns that’s thin and “covers” the front of your teeth, whereas a crown, is a full “cap” that fits over the tooth.

Dental Crown Procedure: A Step-by-Step Guide

At Laughlin Dental, we understand each tooth has its own shape, and we make sure that every crown fits right and looks great. We want you to understand the procedure before your decision. Lastly, it’s important to remember that a dental crown likely involves two trips to the dentist office.

Here is the step-by-step guide to a dental crown procedure:

Step 1

Find the precise color of your tooth, using a color chart. The first step ensures your crown will look natural alongside your other teeth.

Step 2

Shape the tooth to allow space for the crown. We remove cavities if we find any, and pour a permanent core material to fill the cavity space or the space left by root canal therapy. The tooth is numbed for this procedure.

Step 3

Take an impression of your tooth. You will bite down into a clay-like substance. This step allows us to create a mold that gives us the exact shape and size of your tooth, so we can make sure your new crown fits perfectly.

Step 4

Your dentist ships the mold to the lab so technicians can make your crown. This will take approximately two weeks, sometimes less.

Step 5

Restore some of your appearances. Dr. Laughlin creates a temporary crown you can wear until your permanent crown arrives.

Step 6

Your dentist checks your bite to make sure you have a natural jaw movement. Next, we cement the crown in place permanently.

Step 7

Meet with your dentist to go over what to eat and what to avoid eating, as well as instructions for dental hygiene.

Step 8

Schedule checkups for routine teeth cleanings to make sure the dental crowns receive proper care and attention.

Dental Crowns in Pasadena, Texas

The procedure for installing crowns requires a personal touch. Your teeth have an appearance and structure that are unique to you, and you need a dentist who will spend time understanding your specific needs. Also, you deserve to know what will happen each step of the way, and what to expect after the operation.

From dental crowns cost to the crown material used for teeth, we want to answer all your questions. Even more, we want to introduce you to staff, and get to know your current dental health. At Laughlin Dental, we have confidence that once you understand the procedure and the people who will be performing it, your mind will be at ease.

Laughlin Dental offers much more than cosmetic dentistry. As a family dentist, we provide dental services for your entire family. From dental implants to Lumineers and crowns, we can keep your teeth in great shape throughout the years. We will create a regular schedule of dental health visits, so you don’t find yourself thinking about dental care only when a crisis arises. Call Laughlin Dental today at 281-998-4916.

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