Restorative Dentistry in Pasadena, TX

What Are Restorative Dentistry Services?

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Materials and Methods in Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry includes a wide range of dental materials, methods, treatments, and procedures. However, the four primary types of dental materials include composite, porcelain, dental amalgam, and gold. Composite resin and porcelain provide a natural-looking appearance. Therefore, today’s dentist uses composite resin material for many restorations.

A filling is one of the most frequent services of a restorative dentist. In fact, fillings restore damaged teeth, whether that damage occurs due to aging, decay, trauma, or other causes. Your dentist applies these tooth-colored or metal alloy materials to repair the tooth’s surface, such as for cracks, chips, and breaks. Moreover, when you have a cavity or need other structural repairs, fillings often provide restoration to a healthy appearance and strength.

Veneers repair the surface of your teeth, restoring them after damage or decay. Specifically, like composite fillings, veneers use porcelain or composite resin for natural-looking appearance. Veneers provide a tooth-colored layer bonded or cemented to your tooth surface. This is the type of restorative dentistry services Pasadena TX can rely on.

Crowns cover your entire tooth like a cap, restoring a tooth that suffered damage, chips, cracks, or weakened structure. Dental labs craft crowns of gold, porcelain, or another ceramic content. However, if the tooth is too weak, your dentist considers extracting the tooth for a bridge. Dental bridges replace lost or missing teeth with a replacement tooth attached to crowns or framework supported by surrounding teeth.

Dental implants permanently replace one or more teeth. An implant lasts 20 years or longer, making these tooth restorations very popular. For an implant, your dentist inserts a titanium rod or screw into your jaw bone to root it much like a natural tooth. Your tooth replacement crown then fits onto the implant, giving you a complete, healthy-looking smile.

Other Types of Dental Restorations

Other types of restorations include removable partials, inlays, onlays, and bondings. Removable partials consist of artificial teeth on a framework. These prosthetic teeth fit into your mouth like a retainer for natural-looking tooth replacement. In addition, you take the partial out for sleep and daily oral hygiene.

Inlays and onlays provide restoration to as many as three surfaces of a single tooth. Whether you suffer damage to your chewing surfaces or sides of your teeth, a ceramic or porcelain inlay or onlay strengthen and protect your teeth while repairing damage. Bonding uses composite material to reshape or lengthen front teeth, such as after a break, chip, or crack.

Family Dental Care and Services

Your dentist in Pasadena, TX provides the dental services you need for healthy teeth and gums. Some services involve oral surgeries through a specialist, whereas others take place in the dentist’s office. Services you can count on from Laughlin Dental include:

Your dentist at Laughlin Dental works hard with you to help you avoid needing surgery. Focus on preventing your need for oral surgery through your best routine oral health care and hygiene. Start that best oral health by scheduling your next visit with Laughlin Dental now at (281) 801-6818.

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